Date  07 May 2016 - 07 May 2016


The Fullerton Heritage debuts with a music extravaganza presented by critically-acclaimed TENG ENSEMBLE entitled Where the River Always Flows. Free for public enjoyment, the outdoor performance is held at the historic Fullerton Square, known as Mile Zero of Singapore; a riveting spot where political rallies once took centre stage.


Where the River Always Flows draws reference from the Singapore River that is rich with history; a lifeline to Singapore in our formative years. The TENG Ensemble’s performance at the mouth of the Singapore River, on the grounds of The Fullerton Hotel aims to bring listeners a taste of Singapore’s heritage music that has shaped not just a Singaporean culture, but an identity.


TENG’s repertoire will include reinvented versions of well-loved folk songs such as Munnaeru Vaalibaa and Chan Mali Chan on traditional Chinese instruments and modern electronic instruments. Both the young and old can hum along to familiar Singaporean tunes as they embark on a nostalgic revisiting of the Singapore River that was once abuzz with life and activities. Other pieces draw inspiration from Malay, Portuguese, Korean and English folk songs that are popular in the region.


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